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Emerging storytellers are the future of our industry. Together, we can help them realize their dreams

Back in March, thanks to donations from two generous supporters, NSI launched a matching donor campaign to coincide with the start of training for NSI Totally Television and NSI IndigiDocs students. But then COVID-19 hit so we made the decision to pause our call-to-action due to the financial impact on so many within our community.

But that meant we never got a chance to shine the spotlight on some of the amazing donors who contributed to the campaign in its early days and properly acknowledge their support and generosity.

So now we’re picking up where we left off and over the next few weeks, as a show of gratitude, want to introduce you to some of those donors and send our heart-felt thanks to those who continue to make monthly donations in support of NSI storytellers. We couldn’t do it without you.

One of the special people who enabled our matching donor campaign was the acclaimed producer Avi Federgreen who made a gift to NSI on behalf of Federgreen Entertainment Inc. and Indiecan Entertainment Inc.

Avi sees firsthand the incredible impact training has on our alumni. He’s worked with more than 30 NSI alumni over the years including Kirsten Carthew, Jeremy LaLonde, Jennifer Podemski and Kyle Bornais.

When we were originally preparing this post back in spring, Avi was on the set of a new feature, Daughters, with writer/director Craig David Wallace, yet another NSI alumnus.

During that busy time, Avi graciously set aside a few moments during his filming schedule to tell us why he supports NSI.

Why do NSI students and alumni matter to you?
They are the future of our industry and if you don’t mentor or help these emerging filmmakers then we won’t have a future.

What would you tell someone thinking about donating to NSI during the March challenge?
I am lucky enough to have had people that believed in me and mentored me to help me become the producer I am today. I spend a large amount of my time helping emerging filmmakers realize their dreams to make content in Canada … we should all do our part!

We thank you Avi! Together with all of NSI’s generous supporters, you helped make a big difference to the lives of those who trained through NSI.

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