Apply to create a short film for Polaris album nominees

Link to Polaris Music Prize

The Polaris Music Prize short list of albums will be announced on July 15. Due to COVID-19, and in place of a live gala, Polaris will celebrate nominees with commissioned short films. The films will be packaged together in a special cinematic tribute for broadcast in October.

Filmmakers are invited to apply to create one of these pieces and will receive $10K towards the project.

Polaris is interested in hearing from a diverse group of applicants. They especially encourage applications from all under-represented groups, including women, Black and Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC), other racialized persons and LGBTQ2+ persons.

See the application form and full details. Deadline is July 10.

The Polaris Music Prize awards $50K to the artist who creates the Canadian Album of the Year, judged solely on artistic merit, without consideration for genre or record sales. Additionally, the nine other nominated acts whose albums make the 2020 shortlist will receive $3K each courtesy of Slaight Music.

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