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Liz Hover

Director of Operations

If you’re looking for free stuff to watch from the safe confines of your home, check out the NSI Online Short Film Festival archive and NSI Films website – two little online gems bursting with Canadian short film goodness.

The NSI Online Short Film Festival has an archive of over 1,000 curated short films – many of which are award winning. And the NSI Films website is a repository of over 100 works created through NSI programs over the years.

Over the coming weeks as we self-isolate and spend extra time indoors, we’ll share some of our favourite films for your viewing enjoyment.

The first recommendation this week comes from our CEO Joy Loewen who – back in the day – managed NSI Drama Prize. Her pick is Gravity Boy, created through NSI Drama Prize by writer/director Scott Burton and producer Calum MacLeod. In the film a boy obsessed with comics believes nothing is impossible, even the control of gravity. Use the link or watch the film at the top of this post.

On the subject of NSI Drama Prize, I highly recommend Not Over Easy by program alumna, and writer/director, Jordan Canning with writer Jody Richardson, producer Sam Pryse-Phillips and animator Mike DeCroock. It’s a scrambled story of love and heartbreak as a woman starts to fantasize about a second chance with her boyfriend after a forgotten refrigerated gift leaves her picturing them as a couple of eggs. So good.

Stay safe out there!

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