National Film Board streams alumni films


Rachel Young

Outreach and Engagement Lead

Alumni films will be added to the growing collection of work available to stream through the National Film Board (NFB) website.

Ahead of Transgender Awareness Week, Into Light from Sheona McDonald (NSI Global Marketing) will be added to the collection of LGBTQ2+ films starting November 8.

Into Light captures a season of change as a mother and child navigate the complexities of gender identity together, and how a parent must set aside their own expectations to help their child become their most authentic self.

Starting November 26, Falls Around Her, from Darlene Naponse (NSI Features First) and featuring Tantoo Cardinal, will be made available in honour of Tantoo’s 2021 Governor General’s Performing Arts Award.

Falls Around Her follows a successful singer who leaves everything behind to return to her reservation to live alone.

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