My Lyric I Never Knew

A young Indigenous singer decides whether or not to debut a song internationally that will expose her turbulent past and the adoption of her child.

Creative team

Writer/Director: Nauzanin Knight
Producers: Mitra Knight, Nauzanin Knight

About Nauzanin Knight

Nauzanin Knight

A Canadian woman of Caribbean and Middle Eastern descent, Nauzanin’s nuanced stories reflect the uniqueness of her heritage as well as her international life.

Nauzanin began her career in creative writing before directing her attention to film projects. Upon completing her MSc in countering organized crime and terrorism at University College London, UK, Nauzanin set out to share stories about human beings who have been forced into extremes of situation, ideology, belief.

After publishing her non-fiction book State Terrorism in Iran: understanding the case of the Iranian Bahá’í Community, based on a series of in-depth interviews with Iranian immigrants and refugees who suffered severe persecution at the hands of the Iranian government and its agents, her screenwriting work has been recognized at international festivals.

Nauzanin is the executive producer at 1844 Studios, a film production company dedicated to fostering international artistic collaborations and exposing striking stories which tell us about the universality of human emotion despite diversity of human experience.


  1. Valérie

    Thank you so much you’re amazing your song
    speaks out how i Feel right now i Feel like these are my own words its crazy !!!! Thank you for this amazing song !!!

  2. Anas

    Excellent! Congratulations,

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

  3. Valérie

    Where can i find the lyrics and the video for this song is it on spotify ? Can you send me the answer at thanks i love the song so much this is so great !!!!! Congrats !!!!

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you, Valérie for the generous note! “My Lyric I Never Knew” will soon be available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music and Google Play. More details to come! I will reach out to you personally with links to where you can find the song!

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Hi Valerie!

      As promised, this is the Spotify link to the title song:

      All my best,

  4. David Cadogan

    Hauntingly beautiful…touches my soul.

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you, David for taking the time to leave us a message. I’m so glad that film has reached you in this way and I wish you all my best.

  5. Ann robbons

    I am sooo impressed!! Love and hugs, Ann Robbins, ( friend of your dad’s)

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you, dear Ann, for the kind note. Lots of love

  6. Cindy Anderson

    Fantastic. Congratulations!

    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you, Cindy, for the sweet note. All my best wishes to you

  7. Andy Knight

    Nauzanin, this is brilliant. Your conceptualization and imagination are awesome. Your lyrics and music are off the charts -wonderful. I’m so proud of you, my baby girl. Hope this wins an award!


    • Nauzanin Knight

      Thank you, Dad, for your love and support!

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