Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves

Amaqqut Nunaat

Quick stats about the movie

Two brothers adrift on broken sea ice in a distant land where men can shape-shift into wolves and the sounds of music and merriment are actually the sounds of danger.

Creative team

Writer/director: Neil Christopher
Producers: Louise Flaherty, Neil Christopher

Filmmaker’s statement

This story is an ancient legend and the hand-made quality represents the physical aspect of telling a story. We chose this minimalist style as we felt it would engage a contemporary Northern audience but still leave a lot to the imagination, thus respecting the Inuit oral tradition.

We want them to be immersive with images and sound, but still require the viewer to creatively participate in the story experience.

About Neil Christopher

Neil Christopher

Many years ago, Neil moved to Resolute Bay in northern Canada. Neil quickly fell in love with the north – the landscape, the wildlife and the culture.

It was also in those first years in the north that Neil was introduced to the rich mythology of the Canadian Inuit. For the last 10 years, Neil has been researching Inuit myths and legends and has used this research to develop publications for children, youth and adults.

In 2012, Neil wrote and directed his first animated film, Amaqqut Nunaat: The Country of Wolves. This film was an international success, garnering many awards and critical acclaim.

The success of that film prompted Neil to start the film company Taqqut Productions with his publishing colleagues, Louise Flaherty and Danny Christopher.

Neil currently lives with his family in the capital of Nunavut, Iqaluit.

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