Arlo Alone


Quick stats about the movie

A futuristic drama that follows Arlo, a young woman, as she comes to terms with her own loneliness in a world where in-person contact has become a rarity.

Creative team

Writer: Katrina Saville
Director: Nicole Dorsey
Producers: Karen Harnisch, Cia Mellegers

Filmmaker’s statement

When Katrina and I first discussed collaborating, her as writer and me to direct, she mentioned a concept she’d been toying with: a glimpse into the future deterioration of in-person contact. I was immediately hooked. What could be more prevalent?

We live in a world connected through wireless communication. We chat through text messages. We have business meetings through Skype. We’re stuck to our devices. I see it all the time when I’m on a bus or train. So, if this is now, what will the future look like?

I love how Arlo Alone explores modernized methods of communication through the experience of one woman. It keeps it personal while tapping into the universal feeling of loneliness and the human need for love. With an unfortunate amount of online dating experiences on my side, I can testify that these disconnected meetings often make you feel more lonely than connected. We need to talk to one another face to face. Nothing can replace the sensation that occurs when you’re in someone’s presence. This film is a testament to that.

About Nicole Dorsey

Nicole Dorsey

Nicole Dorsey is a commercial and narrative film director. With a penchant for character-driven material, she aims to present a realist portrayal of the human condition.

Her work has screened internationally, garnering awards in the US and Canada including the Irving Avrich Award for emerging director at the Toronto International Film Festival. In 2016, Nicole completed production on her feature, Delta Venus, a collaborative omnibus film, which was spotlighted in NOW Magazine‘s 12 Films We Can’t Wait To See, alongside work by Xavier Dolan and PT Anderson.

She is currently in post-production on her second feature, Black Conflux, which was part of the prestigious WIDC Story Program and was a finalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope screenplay contest. Nicole is also developing an original series with LA-based production company, JASH (Sarah Silverman/Michael Cera), which sold to Fullscreen in the US.

She directed Arlo Alone through Canadian broadcaster Bell Media, which premiered in competition at the Atlanta Film Festival and is a Vimeo Staff Pick. Represented internationally, Nicole has directed commercials for numerous companies, including Nike, Mattel and Nestlé.

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