Asian Gangs


Quick stats about the movie

In 1994, Grade 5 student Lewis Bennett got into a schoolyard fight that resulted in a stern warning from his principal: “Change your ways or you’ll end up in an Asian gang.”

Seventeen years later, Bennett revisits his past to determine if he took a wrong turn along the way.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Lewis Bennett, Calum MacLeod

Filmmakers’ statement

Lewis Bennett says:

“This is a serious documentary about a very dark period in my childhood and I find it really offensive that some audiences have laughed while watching the film. Please have some respect.”

Calum MacLeod says:

“Lewis was a really cute kid. What the hell happened?”

About Lewis Bennett


Lewis Bennett is a writer/director based in Vancouver. His short comedic documentaries have screened at film festivals such as Slamdance, TIFF and Whistler. You can watch more of his documentaries – made with co-producers Calum MacLeod and Benjamin Taft – on his website.

With the help of those same co-conspirators, he is currently directing his first feature length documentary, The Sandwich Nazi, about the funniest foul mouthed deli owner/former male escort you’ve ever met. Learn more about that project and watch the award-winning short that inspired the feature.

About Calum MacLeod


Born in Winnipeg, Calum MacLeod is now a Vancouver-based filmmaker with a knack for telling quirky, funny stories. A graduate of the NSI Drama Prize training course, Calum has produced award-winning shorts that have aired on The Comedy Network and Movieola.

He garnered a comedy writing Leo Award for his work on Road Hockey Rumble, a Gemini-nominated sports/comedy/reality series that he created and hosted for OLN.

Calum can currently be found writing, directing and field producing for television.

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