Babe, I Hate To Go

Babe, I Hate To Go

Quick stats about the movie

An intimate observational documentary about a Jamaican migrant worker struggling with a cancer diagnosis, Babe, I Hate To Go shows us the world of the migrant worker, an invisible population that number in the millions across Canada and the United States.

Creative team

Writer/director: Andrew Moir
Producers: Andrew Moir, Sherien Barsoum

Filmmaker’s statement

It has been a privilege to share Delroy’s story with people around the world. There are thousands of migrant workers like him in Canada at this very moment. Many of them face illness, family problems and abuse far away from their homes and their families.

Many people have connected to Delroy’s story and have contacted me to ask how they can help him. He sadly passed away since the conclusion of this film but I ask that people channel their empathy for Delroy into productive advocacy on behalf of migrant workers. There are labour groups, healthcare organizations and farmers already devoting time to their cause.

It’s because of my friendship with Delroy that I so firmly believe migrant workers deserve a path to permanent residency. I believe that workers’ rights must be protected and all families have value; I think most Canadians share these principles too.

A path to permanent residency is a meaningful step towards extending these protections and values to migrant workers. Here are two federal ministers you can write to if you want to see this happen:

Ahmed D. Hussen, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
ahmed.hussen [at]

Patricia A. Hajdu, Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Labour
patty.hajdu [at]

About Andrew Moir

Andrew Moir

Andrew Moir’s film include Uprooted (2011), Just As I Remember (2013) and Babe, I Hate To Go (2017).

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