Baby Half Lie


Quick stats about the movie

Fourteen year old Amanda recently gained a new baby brother. Since the birth, her mother hasn’t been the same. Her mother claims she has been raped by her step-dad and rushes her to the hospital for tests. Slowly things between the family begin to unravel as Amanda searches for the truth.

Creative team

Writer/director: Kimberly Miller Pryce
Producer: Tara Woodbury

Filmmaker’s statement

“I told this story for three reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to shed light on the importance of families talking to each other. The simple undertaking of just speaking, clarifying or acknowledging can change and affect a person’s life.

In the film, we see how this young girl tries to step out of her comfort zone, trying to find her voice but is shut down by her parents. Imagine the emotional toll on an adult, much less a child.

Secondly, I wanted to remind society that postpartum depression/psychosis is real and exists. There are too many people, especially among the black community, who are oblivious to this condition. I wanted to address societal ignorance.

Lastly, this film was told as a declaration to my family and myself that we overcame and can speak in different mediums. Mine was through film.”

About Kimberley Miller-Pryce

Kimberley Miller-Pryce

Kimberley Miller-Pryce is an award-winning director.

Her work as been selected for various local and international film festivals including Toronto’s Reel World Film Festival where she won best short for her directorial debut Baby Half Lie; Montreal Du Monde, BET’s Urbanworld, Cannes Short Corner and the NSI Online Short Film Festival to name a few.

Kimberly continues to develop as an artist focusing on writing and directing with numerous projects underway.

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