Quick stats about the movie

On the night of their university graduation, five lifelong friends decide to pull one last all-nighter wandering the back lanes of their town. What seems like a night of fun and goofing around is soon overshadowed by the group’s fear of the future as well as the mortality of their ill friend Chloe.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Madison Thomas
Producer: Andrew Luczenczyn

Filmmaker’s statement

“The production of Backlanes came about quite quickly and organically – a style the rest of the film quickly adapted to.

My production partner Andrew and I had been booked to work on another independent film last summer which ended up falling through.

Faced with a few days off we brushed off a script I’d written the previous year during my own university graduation. Upon a second reading we decided that the writing style would lend itself to a rugged guerilla style of shooting including filming the short in real time, sunset to sunrise.

Amazingly we found five actors who were not only willing to shoot all night, but [who were also] excited about the project.

We kept the shooting style loose and let the actors play with characters and the group dynamic. As we walked home after wrapping we were very happy with the materiel we’d shot.

Later, when the time came to score the film, our composer (Justin Delorme) brought up the idea of just recording a giant jam session with some of our musician friends. The score’s gritty unedited sound lined up perfectly with the film’s overall feel.

Backlanes was an incredibly fun project and allowed us to experiment with different styles of shooting, editing and scoring that left us with a short [we are all] proud to have been a part of.”

About Madison Thomas

Madison Thomas

Madison is a filmmaker from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Having been raised in a Metis household, storytelling was a huge part of her childhood. She found the natural extension into filmmaking in high school and has worked at honing her craft since.

Her first film Worlds on Fire was selected for the 2009 Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival and was nominated for best youth talent. Her short film Bound – written and produced while studying in Prague – also earned Madison a nomination for best director at the school’s annual film festival.

She studied filmmaking at the University of Winnipeg and received her bachelor of arts in 2012. In 2011 she was accepted into Prague Film School’s summer program – the first Canadian to attend in five years and the first Aboriginal person to be accepted into the program.

Although Madison hopes to pursue a career as a writer and director she also plans to continue gaining experience in all areas of filmmaking and to become a well-rounded storyteller.

Her first feature film This Is Why We Fight -a gritty post apocalyptic film set in Winnipeg – had its world premiere at Indiefest 2013 and won an award of excellence.

Madison enjoys telling very raw human stories through unique genres and hopes to continue contributing to the ever-growing Winnipeg film industry.

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