Beard Life


Quick stats about the movie

Al Doug’s last day with his beard before shaving it off for Movember.

Creative team

Writer: Al Douglas
Director/producer: Kyle Simpson

Filmmaker’s statement

“When Al Doug approached me with the idea, I thought it would be a great way to tell his story and hopefully shed some light on the Movember campaign that he was trying to raise awareness for.

The idea was fairly basic: just grab my camera (a Canon Rebel t2i at the time) and follow him around for the day up to the shave off.

It was my first real documentary-style shoot, outside of wedding films, so it was a great experience and I was super happy with the outcome.”

About Kyle Simpson

Kyle Simpson

Director Kyle Simpson has focused on film since 2011.

His production company, Lowell Productions, specializes in wedding films, music videos and short docs.

Having received a business degree from UPEI, Kyle pursued his video work on the side until in became a full-time career in March 2013.


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