Bound film

Quick stats about the movie

When a group of foreign workers appear at his brother’s sawmill, a struggling shopkeeper must face a troubling decision.

Set in rural Nova Scotia, Bound is a story of empathy, brotherhood and the bonds that compel and constrain us to act on our conscience.

Creative team

Writer/director: Daniel Boos
Producer: Lynn Matheson

Filmmaker’s statement

The inspiration for Bound first came about after I read of an incident in Elmvale, Ontario involving a group of Filipino men who were brought to Canada under false pretenses and forced into labour on a remote farm.

The story shocked and intrigued me and led me in my research to discover similar incidents happening across North America and the UK. I soon learned that modern slavery is a pervasive issue that takes on a variety of different forms and degrees in countries all over the world.

Bound’s protagonist is a witness and I chose to write from this perspective as a way to explore the complex social and socioeconomic forces that pressure individuals into silence and complicity.

The project evolved into a character study of an anti-hero grappling with his moral impulses. The result is a disquieting story of human dignity, shame and survival.

About Daniel Boos

Daniel Boos

After receiving his BA in contemporary studies at the University of King’s College, Daniel Boos worked in the film industry in London, England where he fulfilled an artist residency at the film collective.

His first short, Palimpsest, screened in competition at the 50th Chicago International Film Festival.

Bound is his directorial debut.

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