Breathless short film

Quick stats about the movie

Spanning the rise and fall of a young couple’s three-year relationship in 90 seconds, Breathless follows one man’s reflections on how his own destructive personality shattered something beautiful.

Creative team

Director/writer/producer: Kyle Sandilands

Director’s statement

Kyle Sandilands says:

Breathless was a directing exercise for film school based on the topic of film noir. Instead of going with a classic black & white, Touch of Evil-style short, I thought it would be interesting to take some of the noir-esque elements, such as using voiceover narrative with a vigilante-type anti-hero, and apply them with a handheld verité shooting and editing style.

The film is highly subjective inside the character’s head, and I hope the combination of tight editing and voiceover adds multiple layers of storytelling that are engaging to an audience.

About Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands

Kyle Sandilands is a Vancouver-based filmmaker interested in telling stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking through the areas of directing, cinematography, and editing.

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