Cat vs. Man


Quick stats about the movie

Unable to overcome his writer’s block, Rory’s vivid imagination pits him in a death match against his girlfriend’s pet cat, Waffles, who appears to Rory as a man in a cat costume.

Creative team

Writer/director: Zia Marashi
Producers: Cole Hewlett and Mark MacDonald

Filmmaker’s statement

Zia Marashi says:

“Back in 2007, my friend Darian Grant and I dreamed of being internet sketch comedy artists. We would get together and throw around funny ideas hoping something would stick.

One night we came up with the concept of Cat vs. Man, a love triangle between a man, a woman and a cat. It would be years before the idea was ever used but we laughed at how it resembled our favourite comic strip growing up: Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson.

Fast-forward to 2010. I pitched Cat vs. Man to the Crazy8s Film Society competition, Vancouver’s most prestigious annual amateur film competition. Every year Crazy8s selects six filmmakers and challenges them to make a 10-minute short film in eight days with only $800. Luckily, Cat vs. Man was selected out of approximately 150 other pitched concepts.

The Crazy8s Film Society made everything possible: we had a screening venue, funding and, most important of all, we had local talent and filmmakers contacting us to donate their time and expertise. This film would not have been possible without the contribution of those BC film supporters.

Thank you Richard De Klerk, Anna Mae Willis, Viv Leacock, Erik Paulsson, Marc Stephenson, Cole Hewlett, Mark MacDonald, Katherine Montagu, Christopher Charles Kempinski, Rehan Khokhar, Melissa Perry, Daren Sasges, Kirk Jaques, Jennifer Berthot, Tom Heuckendorff, Oriana Camporese, Carrie Hookham, Sara Quine, Jody Ryan, Beth Welch, Diana Donaldson, Tony Durke, Josh Holmes, Chris Livingston, Gaham Long, Wayne G. Stalder, Don Tupper, David T.A. Warren, Rebeka Herron, Peter Eliuk, Alyssa Satow, Ian Doig, Grace MacLeod and Loopy the Cat.

Making Cat vs. Man was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend anyone interested in high quality Canadian short films to look up Crazy8s. Do it now.”

About Zia Marashi


Canadian film director/writer/producer Zia Marashi has been specializing in comedic films since he was seven. His shorts have premiered in festivals around the world, been broadcast on Canadian prime time television and been seen by dozens of people on YouTube.

According to Marashi, he is “one inventive and emerging filmmaker that you best keep your eye on.”

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