Quick stats about the movie

A 70-year-old man has cancer. While being treated in hospital he meets Chloé, an eight-year-old dreamer, who has leukemia. Meeting her will change his view of life.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Marc-Olivier Comeau

Filmmaker’s statement

“Kids have changed the way I see life and I wanted to convey that through this movie.

I’ve worked with kids who don’t always have the best of luck: kids with cancer or kids in foster homes. Despite all of it, they have faith in life which is something I find pure and beautiful.”

About Marc-Olivier Comeau

Marc-Olivier Comeau

Marc-Olivier Comeau is a graduate of Concordia’s film production program. He has written and directed three short films and and a commercial for Coca-Cola.

His passion for images also lead him to be one of the most influential VJs in Montreal.

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