Clayton & Clayton


Quick stats about the movie

An animated film about a character called Clayton who is stuck in an empty notebook with little hope for escape.

Clayton’s mindfulness is his only chance to transform into who he has always wanted to be.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Sean Dykink

Director’s statement

Sean Dykink says:

Clayton & Clayton has been a film that has foretold my future. However, I had no clue of this premonition until the film’s premiere in September of 2008. This future for me was depression.

Clayton & Clayton is a film about being stuck. It’s about transformation and growth.

In reality I was stuck. I had slowly and unknowingly dripped into a dark world where things were looking bleak. I quit my video production job to work as a freelance videographer and only had about a month and a half of work.

Eventually I was out of work and my depression was engulfing me. Things had gotten so bad that I had to move back in with my parents as well as see my psychotherapist twice a week. Just like Clayton, stuck in a confusing hell full of emptiness.

The only way out is to put trust in some flimsy ideal that things will get better.  That eventually you will find the answer that lies like a needle in a haystack. You will find that solution, in time, and a greater awareness occurs.

For Clayton, that awareness is to be mindful of his thoughts, because these thoughts eventually manifest into reality and can create a heaven or a hell.”

About Sean Dykink


Sean Dykink is a prolific filmmaker with a knack for animation. His stories are often quirky, random, hilarious, and at times even touching. One thing you will get from experiencing Sean’s films is a sense of emotional connection, mostly drawn from a smile.

Sean has been working on an art company called Plello started by him and his good friend Chris Pecora.

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