Crazy Love

Crazy Love short film

Quick stats about the movie

Pushed to her breaking point, an abused woman must decide whether to stay silent or fight back.

Creative team

Writers: Helena Marie, Karl Van Allen
Director: Mathieu Charest
Producer: Helena Marie

Filmmaker’s statement

When I first read Crazy Love, it struck me as something powerful. Something resonant and profound.

As a director, it told me a story ripe for visual expression. It displayed an intense emotional journey of a woman finding her independence in a trial by fire.

The narrative resists the urge to be one dimensional in terms of Sam’s own exploration of her thoughts and feelings, giving her a conflicted character that comes across as profoundly human. In trying to be everything to everyone, she ends up a stranger to herself. It was this duality that ultimately drew me to the project.

About Mathieu Charest

Mathieu Charest

Based in Montreal, Mathieu has worked for over 20 years on everything from independent film to Hollywood blockbusters including roles as second unit DP, camera/steadicam operator and director on lower budget productions. To say Mathieu lives and breathes film would be a gross understatement.

With great passion and dedication, Mathieu has proven his abilities time and time again, always with an eye towards future projects of increasing scope and scale.

His impeccable eye for detail combined with a prodigious work ethic make for the perfect person to thrive in the midst of even the most complex shoots.

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