Doll Parts


Quick stats about the movie

Edward should have turned the car back when he lost his lucky sunglasses but he decides to not waste the beautiful day. He’s got his supplies ready to go in the back seat – a rope, large hunting knife and duct tape – and the long stretch of highway in front of him holds much opportunity. Before long, he spots a pale girl standing in the middle of the road. She’s thin and shivering and climbs into his car. Edward soon has his victim gagged and bound and looks for the right place to finish the job. But things don’t go as planned: the girl he picked up isn’t human after all and now the prey has become the predator.

Creative team

Writer/director: Karen Lam
Producer: Suzan Derkson

Director’s statement

Karen Lam says:

“The idea for Doll Parts came from the last visit I had with my late grandmother in Hong Kong.

Every evening, lying wide awake from jet lag, I could hear my grandma arguing with some unseen presence in the next room, speaking a dialect from her childhood that I didn’t recognize. And every morning, I would head downstairs for a bowl of congee, armed with a book of Neil Gaiman-edited short stories. One in particular caught my attention: Catch and Release by Lawrence Block, which featured a serial killer who would catch and “release” female hitchhikers.

Between the heat and emotional exhaustion, my mood veered quickly downhill as I stewed about the story. Why are women always being killed by psychopathic nut jobs? And why are the killers always written as heroes? It’s hard not to be angry about the sheer number of women that go missing or are murdered, particularly when you live in Vancouver.

Given that I only write when I’m angry or bitter, Doll Parts was practically created in that moment. For me, this is a film that considers the nature of victims and heroes, inspired as much by the missing women along the Highway of Tears as by the Asian demons of the underworld.

We’re currently in the midst of raising financing for the feature-length version of the film, in which Evangeline’s story continues.”

About Karen Lam


Karen has been a full-time producer since 2000, producing two feature films, three television series and six short films. She was featured in the February 2012 edition of Fangoria magazine, as well as Diabolique magazine for her work with female horror directors.

Karen’s first short horror film as a writer/director (The Cabinet) was produced through NSI Drama Prize in 2006. She has since written five horror feature film screenplays and directed her first feature film (Stained, psycho-thriller) in November 2009, a BC/Saskatchewan co-production. The film premiered as part of the Telefilm Perspective Canada showcase at the Cannes Film Market, and is distributed by eOne (Canada), and Thunderbird Films (international).

Stained recently screened at Toronto’s Fright Nights, and won Best Actress at the HorrorQuest in Atlanta, Georgia.

Doll Parts (2011) has been invited to over 36 international film festivals since its completion and has won Best Story (Tulsa Underground Horror Festival) Best Director (HorrorQuest), Best Horror Short (Midnight Black International Film Festival), and Best Horror Short (Creative Arts Film Festival).

Karen’s latest short film, The Stolen (2012) is a darkly atmospheric fantasy, and was showcased at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2012.

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