Easy Girl

Easy Girl short film

Quick stats about the movie


A young woman struggling to come to terms with a traumatic sexual experience finds herself in competition with her roommate over the same man.

Over the course of one night, a startling discovery forces her to confront her past and re-evaluate her relationships.

Creative team

Writer: Katie McMillan
Directors: Katie McMillan, Adam Goldhammer
Producers: Adam Goldhammer, Evan Landry

Filmmakers’ statement

Easy Girl is a film we are very passionate about and have been working on for the past two years.

The story is a reflection on patriarchy, rape culture and female relationships that seeks to challenge widely accepted portrayals of cattiness as a natural or inevitable relationship between women.

Instead, this film encourages the audience to place judgement on characters that seem recognizable, but turns those stereotypes on their head, forcing the audience to re-evaluate their assumptions and their own complicity in creating these stereotypes.

Easy Girl also challenges representations of sexual assault as sensationalized and moralistic rather than messy and confusing, as is more often the reality. Showing sex and sexuality on screen from the perspective of a female subject is still unfortunately rare. As a result, discussing or depicting the complex aftermath of sexual assault is still taboo, isolating survivors rather than acknowledging and validating their experience.

It was our goal with this film to portray the awkward, uncomfortable and sometimes traumatic experience of sex through a female point of view that does not seek to objectify or sexualize the female body through the traditional male gaze of the camera.

More importantly, we wanted to address our own complicity in maintaining a culture that objectifies, isolates and judges women, supporting the prevalence of gender-based violence.

Thank you for taking the time to screen our film, we look forward to hearing from you. – Katie and Adam

About Katie McMillan and Adam Goldhammer

Katie McMillan

Easy Girl is Katie McMillan’s directorial debut. She wrote the short film Worst. Day. EVER., and has performed her comic songs on Toronto’s Second City main stage.

Katie is the general manager at Tangled Art + Disability and has been the lead researcher on three Women in View reports highlighting the underrepresentation of women as content creators in Canadian film and television.

Adam Goldhammer

Adam Goldhammer is a Toronto-based filmmaker whose work aims to explore the lives of marginalized protagonists struggling with their conception of reality. His short film Easy Girl played at Cannes 2016 as an official selection of the Coup de Cour program.

He wrote and directed Jesse, a short film staring Degrassi’s Jake Epstein, which was a finalist on CBC Short Film Face Off and screened at numerous festivals internationally.

His other short films include 1-800-CHOICES (New Filmmakers, New York) and Worst. Day. EVER. (Canadian Film Festival, Sacramento Horror Film Festival), and his directorial debut, the comedy web series Little Cat Version of Me, received rave reviews online and was a semi-finalist in Los Angeles’ NexTV Webseries Competition.

Adam is a graduate of the director’s lab at Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre and is currently developing his first feature film.

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