Quick stats about the movie

A transcendent girl is transported through time. She witnesses the evolution of a city, as she fabricates memories from historical references.

This mixed-media animation pays tribute to our methods of recording and recoding history.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: A. Megan Turnbull

Director’s statement

Megan Turnbull says:

“While making this film I was always questioning memories and whether they may be constructed or inferred. This is why paper is sacred to me. It holds physical proof of a moment or an event; as a photograph, words or even a mark.

I am also interested in our methods of perceiving place: place in space and place in time. It is a battle between our cognitive environment and our outer world.

My work plays with how our environment speaks to us and the languages we use to communicate with the landscape.

By building a paper world I am able to create my own conversations and emphasize different interactions.”

About A. Megan Turnbull


A. Megan Turnbull is a Winnipeg-bred, Ottawa-based new media artist and director. She works in a variety of mediums including video, animation, paper sculpture and illustration.

Megan has completed projects for/with organizations such as the National Film Board of Canada, the National Arts Center, AirCanada’s EnRoute Film Festival, the Ottawa Citizen Style Magazine and various musicians. Her films have been screened across Canada and internationally.

Her current works in progress involve a mixed-media film called OttaWander and an animated series with musician Gt. Dane.

In addition to these projects Megan still makes time for more serious endeavors, like hula-hooping.

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