Follow the Rock

Follow the Rock short film

Quick stats about the movie

Follow the Rock shares the sights, sounds and excitement of the Prince Rupert All Native Basketball Tournament.

See cultural and athletic traditions spanning over 50 years through the eyes of two of its superstars, Jacob Thom and Luke Robinson. Both men describe the inspiration, traditional depth and cultural beauty the tournament provides players and fans alike.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Jamaine Campbell

Filmmaker’s statement

This film is made with the intent of inspiring youth to follow their dreams, take chances with their culture and to feel pride in being a part of the amazing phenomenon that is Native basketball in British Columbia

I also love to show the beautiful aspects of Canadian Indigeneity, so as to counter the many negative images we see about us.

About Jamaine Campbell

Jamaine Campbell

Jamaine Campbell is the owner of Jamaine Campbell Videography, a small one-man film production company he started back in 2013.

He first pursued his love of art and stories on stage as a theatre actor and musician. He earned a performing arts diploma and a BFA in acting from the Canadian College of Performing Art and the University of Victoria respectively.

When it came to creating his own work, Jamaine first drew on his love of the family histories he would hear his grandfather tell. He took this same enthusiasm for folklore to work when he proposed and landed a job making short ethnographic video recordings of elders in the Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw community on the northern tip of Vancouver Island (his wife’s home nation).

Being a minority himself, both African American and First Nations, the stories of struggle, resilience, culture and beauty really resonated with him. From there, he began to gain recognition as a sensitive and moral filmmaker. Opportunities blossomed for him and his small business grew. He now follows great stories to different First Nations communities all over the province.

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