Forest of Love


Quick stats about the movie

A man becomes lost in a mysterious forest made up of his past loves. Under the dizzy spell of the moon he becomes entangled in a dream where the ghosts of his past loves haunt him. Love is fear. Can fear be love?

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Jorge Requena

Director’s statement

Jorge Requena says:

“Forest of Love began as a poem about the fears a young woman might have when she falls in love. After many conversations with friends I realized that we (men) are strangers to women for extended periods of time even though we might be romantically involved.

This triggered an interest for the ‘romantic’ idea of love. An idea created in post-industrial Victorian times, an idea that I believe made love shallow and naive. I wanted to use the images of Victorian love to attack the real depths of unfamiliarity in both parties of a relationship.

Fear was my main guest in this conversation (with myself). Fear of things going wrong one way or another.

In love one takes chances and those chances are always accompanied by the possibility of failure. Men in the primordial times of romantic love 1830’s to 1910 were awful (they still are) always assuming that there was something wrong with a woman that cannot love you fully even though she does not know you, a woman that cannot give herself up to you, even though she has barely had any contact with you.

I sensed that female gambles were much higher than male’s and they where always underrated.

So I wrote a poem about fear about the fears of love. And then these fears became resounding ghosts of my own fears. The fear of failure that carried my relationships until today. So I thought of a creative place where I could confront those fears.

The moon primordial night lady allows my character to cleanse himself from fears in love by laying them to rest in a cemetery of fears but only after confronting them.

All of my art is about life and death and this piece is about the death of love and the overcoming of fear.

Once the poem was finished, I had only two possibilities: write a song for it or make it into a movie (as I do with all of my poetry). So I gathered my dear friends from the Nova dance collective and asked them to impersonate their own fears of love.

I decided to use restrictions in my directions for the dancers, because this fears are indeed restricting.

Not only restrictions as something that would condition their choreography but also as something that would condition their movement and the choices they could make.

I requested that they use fabric as a means of entrapment. Their ghostly apparitions took shape and we moved on to shoot.

The result was a haunting collection of contemporary dance that matches the idea of the poem in a beautiful way. This film allowed me to overcome some of my own fears of love and express my endless obsession with the moon.”

About Jorge Requena


Jorge is a multimedia storyteller. His main work has been done in film, graphic novels and music. He’s also worked in theatre, painting, dance etc.

Jorge’s ongoing project The Mariachi Ghost is both a graphic novel and a rock band to act as the soundtrack for the story. It’s currently raising the interest of publishers in both fields.

Jorge graduated from film studies at the University of Manitoba in 2008. As a filmmaker, Jorge has worked in a variety of departments including acting, writing, editing, music, direction and production management on many top tier productions in TV and film.

He has also directed and shot 11 of his own short films and an hour-long documentary for OMNI TV (2010).

Jorge emigrated to Canada from Mexico in 2004, changing both his life and artistic style which has grown to become visually striking, rhythmic storytelling with an anthropological gaze. His obsession with comic book stories and early sci-fi make his pieces strange metaphorical views at the world of today.

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