Hop the Twig


Quick stats about the movie

When little Audrey’s potted plant dies, the tot’s deepest fears take over her wildly growing imagination.

Classic animation meets a classically told child’s fable in this visual stunner.

Creative team

Writer/director/co-producer: Kyle Rideout

Filmmaker’s statement

When I was just a boy in kindergarten my teacher, Miss House, told the class somewhat seriously, “If you learn anything from me, learn this, never lose your imagination.”

I was terrified, worrying constantly that one day my imagination might accidentally fall into the barbecue or out the car window on to the freeway. But it didn’t. It’s still here. It’s the place where this story is bred and nurtured with every last droplet squeezed out with love.

About Kyle Rideout

Kyle Rideout

Kyle Rideout has rapidly gained both public and critical acclaim for his films.

Eadweard marks his first feature film showcasing his distinctive visual style. His shorts, Hop the Twig and Wait for Rain won best short on the national TV series CBC Short Film Face Off and best fantasy short at Comic-Con respectively.

Both shorts have played international festivals to critical acclaim. Kyle is also an established actor with over 40 credits in theatre, film and voice-over work.

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