Horsed Out


Quick stats about the movie

This is the story of Bonnie Riddell, a single mother of two who operates a horse rescue farm in Manitoba.

Bonnie is on a quest to save horses that have been neglected or abused, and no financial limitation or government red tape will stand in her way.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Kiirsten May

Director’s statement

Kiirsten May says:

“I think somewhere, in every person, there is a reverence or fascination with horses. They are undeniably beautiful and powerful animals, and I really feel I can capture this spirit on camera.

More importantly, I believe seeing such a strong creature reduced to helplessness by the hand of a careless person really resonates with audiences. Bonnie Riddell deals with this every day.

I want to bring audiences into the life of this compassionate and driven woman through our common appreciation: horses.”

About Kiirsten May


Kiirsten May has loved horses since she was nine years old. At 23, when given the opportunity to use her college’s camera equipment to produce a video documentary, her topic choice was clear.

Start with a compelling story and a tight deadline, stir in a deep investment in the topic, and voila – you get her first documentary.

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