Hunt for the Mad Trapper


Quick stats about the movie

A northern small town family embarks on a manhunt to avenge the death of one of their own.

Creative team

Co-writers: Kaio Kathriner, Matt Drake, Darren Adams
Director: Kaio Kathriner
Producer: Matt Drake

Filmmaker’s statement

As a filmmaker, I’ve always wanted to produce a film that depicts the rural setting I grew up in. The panoramas of the Rockies, the stinging cold of a Canadian winter and the warmth of family are all images that I wanted to express in this story.

Back in 1932, the North-West Mounted Police pursued the ‘Mad Trapper’ across the arctic for 48 days, where they finally engaged in a shootout on the frozen Eagle River. The Mad Trapper was shot and killed, but not without killing one officer and injuring two others.

I’ve known this northern tale since I can remember. I decided to shoot a more contemporary adaptation of the story and shoot it in the surrounding area of my hometown, Cranbrook BC.

With extended help from the community and talented cast and crew, we were able to bring to screen a cinematic tale of family, revenge and decency.

About Kaio Kathriner

Kaio Kathriner is a young Canadian director and part of the independent production company RadioDial Entertainment, based in Vancouver.

Raised in a small town in the Rocky Mountains, Kaio brings to the screen his passion for the outdoors and the historical setting it provides.

An alumnus of Capilano University motion picture arts program, Kaio’s most recent short film, Hunt for the Mad Trapper (2013) was was nominated for five awards, including best short drama at the 2014 Leo Awards.

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