I Love You, Isabel


Quick stats about the movie

David tries to cope with domestic violence in his family and has tried everything to fix it. He comes up with the ultimate sacrifice that would change everyone’s lives for the better and make his parents wake up.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Thi Vo

Filmmaker’s statement

Thi Vo says:

“This short is based on my childhood. Having grown up around domestic violence I’ve understood that though this is the world I’m going through, many others have gone through their own rough childhood as well. I learned to keep my head up high at a young age.

It’s always tragic when you don’t realize what you’ve got until you lose it and I hope that parents, no matter at what stage, can realize they have the power to shape things around them and provide a beautiful life for their own family.”

About Thi Vo

Thi Vo

Thi Vo started out in the creative industry 11 years ago. From there, it was a natural progression into the film and video world. In the last three years he has directed TV commercials and online videos.

Thi is currently in pre-production on a sci-fi short film as well as his first feature documentary film about the search for his biological father in Vietnam titled Made In Vietnam which has been discussed in Avenue magazine and on CBC radio.

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