Inevitable short film

Quick stats about the movie

The biggest fear after high school is “what’s next?” but for this young adult “what’s next?” has a darker meaning.

Creative team

Writer: Nolan Desrochers
Director: Daniel Bear
Producers: Nolan Desrochers, Rae Swan

Filmmaker’s statement

To me this film means more than what’s on the surface. When Nolan Desrochers approached me with the script, I read something so personal yet so universally felt. I couldn’t not take up the task.

In order to tell the story of a young man who not only fears losing his friends but also himself, I needed a stellar cast and crew. Without Nolan and without the absolutely fantastic crew, the film would not be what it is.

When you have a film about the dark childhood fears every human has/had, it’s good to know you have a team that can relate to it and work hard to show the world just a hint of what today’s youth fear.

About Daniel Bear

Daniel Bear

Daniel Bear is a young Indigenous writer and director in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He has worked on such shows as Burden of Truth, I Survived, I Hostage, CBC Short Doc Fourth Period Burnout and more.

Daniel continues his work as a freelance writer/director and currently works at Eagle Vision as a production intern. He is a graduate of CBC New Indigenous Voices, presented by the National Screen Institute – Canada (NSI).

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