Quick stats about the movie

In a letter to a friend back in Russia, an 80-year old lady reflects on her fabulous youth while masking the harsh reality of living with an abusive son in Canada.

Creative team

Writer/director: Nika Belianina
Producer: Clark Johnson

Filmmaker’s statement

My actual grandmother played the lead role in the film. She always dreamed of being a film star, and had her dream fulfilled at the age of 82.

When she was 80 she moved from Russia to live in Canada but the language difference and life under one roof with her son’s family didn’t make it easy for her. Constant arguments and misunderstandings started to colour this new life into deep sadness and regret.

To express myself caught in the middle of this conflict between my father and my grandmother, I decided to make this film. A year later my grandmother was walking the red carpet at the film festival in LA.

Dreams do come true … at the age of 86 she moved back to Russia where she is now living happily by herself.

About Nika Belianina

Nika Belianina

Nika Belianina was born and raised in Moscow, Russia where she gained her MA in psychology. After arriving in Canada in late 2003 she dove into film industry and photography.

She started out as a lighting technician but quickly fell in love with telling her own stories via camera.

Since then she’s made nine short films which have played at international film festivals and won six awards.

At her first photo exhibition in 2008 she sold eight out of 10 works and has since showcased her art in Belgium, Canada and the US at more then 20 venues.

She is currently finishing her first feature – a documentary entitled Eccentric, Eclectic.

Her dominant visual language is magical realism.

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