Kisses & Tears


Quick stats about the movie

An adulterous encounter is brought to an end when an unexpected visitor knocks on the door.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Adolfo Ruiz

Director’s statement

Adolfo Ruiz says:

“Throughout Kisses & Tears the fusion of live-action and mark-making allowed me to create a world that is both truthful and visually expressive.

I wanted the story world for Kisses & Tears to be one that reveals a range of human emotions using minimal elements. Few words are spoken throughout the piece – the emphasis is on the space between words. The kiss, the walk to the door, along with the final moments, involve little or no dialogue. My goal was to let the dramatic content unfold in a natural manner with little editing.

Although the film deals with adultery, the important relationship (and theme) in the film is that of the mother and child – an archetype which, in the context of this story, is reversed to show an ending in which the child comforts the mother.”

About Adolfo Ruiz


Adolfo studied art and design in Spain, England, and Canada. He currently  maintains a multidisciplinary practice as a graphic designer, independent filmmaker and sessional instructor at MacEwan College.

His film practice primarily consists of rotoscoped animations and live action shorts. With screenings on CBC television and various festivals, his work explores contemporary forms of alienation and reconciliation.

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