Quick stats about the movie

Three weeks before Christmas, Eve discovers her husband has been cheating on her with another woman from their neighborhood. With a family at stake and the community watching, it’s hard to decide what the right thing to do is – especially when their irrational teenage daughter takes matters into her own hands.

Featuring an ensemble cast, Landing is a heartfelt story about disappointment, anger and what we are left with in those quiet days after.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Lisa Pham

Filmmaker’s statement

“Landing was a very personal project for me and it was made both in spite of and for my family.

I wanted to create a compassionate account of infidelity that also illustrates the amount of disappointment felt by all parties in a situation like this – a situation I discovered to be very common among my friends and in our society.

In that way, Landing is meant to be a coming-of-age story for parents as well as their children.”

About Lisa Pham

Lisa Pham

Lisa Pham is a Vietnamese-Canadian filmmaker from Vancouver BC, with a unique talent for finding heart and creating story.

Keen on filmmaking as a child, Lisa made a number of award-winning videos including People (2005), a reflective short on the AIDS epidemic in Africa. She later received full sponsorship from CIDA to travel through Kenya and produce a follow-up documentary Wema.

She studied film at Simon Fraser University and co-founded Shakey Films in 2009 with Ryan Flowers and Tyler Hagan. Their collective films have gone on to tour extensively at film festivals across Canada and overseas.

Lisa has over a decade of experience mentoring and teaching filmmaking to youth, and is currently working as an editor in Vancouver. Her editing work comprises a wide range of narrative short films, music videos, commercial projects, demo reels and documentaries.

She is currently writing her first feature titled Glass Attic.


People (2007), Losing Touch (2008), And You Keep Going (2009), Abandon Ship (2010), No Words Came Down (2011, co-director), Landing (2011), Jimbo (2013, co-producer, editor)

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