Le Piment (Pepper)

Le Piment short film

Quick stats about the movie

A couple awakens after an evening of fantasies.

Creative team

Writers: Patrick Aubert, Chantal Bellavance, Frédérique Proulx, Éloïse Tanguay-Simard
Director: Patrick Aubert
Producers: Kino Montreal, Patrick Aubert

Filmmaker’s statement

Le Piment was written, produced and edited in five days during the Kino Kabaret in Montreal.

Written in collaboration with the actresses, the script was inspired by personal experiences but also by imagination! It deals with our need to be loved and the fear of being alone.

My goal was to reach the intimacy of a couple – their fantasies, their love, their fears – and to be able to follow them without any cuts. It’s a one shot deal!

Each take was unique, so here’s take 16!

About Patrick Aubert

Patrick Aubert

Born in Quebec, Patrick Aubert studied film production at Concordia University.

Since the end of his studies, he has made 12 short films as a Kino member, a group of independent filmmakers.

His films Robert & La Rousse (2010), Jacqueline Ultimatum (2011), A Present for Robert (2012) and Le Piment (2014) have been presented in over 100 film festivals around the world and won several awards.

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