Quick stats about the movie

Overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of high school, Arielle finds refuge in a dangerous habit – until her best friend discovers her secret.

Creative team

Writer/director: Catharine Parke
Producers: Leah Kimura, Catharine Parke

Filmmaker’s statement

Several years ago, I was researching self-harm among teens (cutting, in particular) as a possible topic for a documentary. I met with young people who were in recovery, read countless books and articles, and spoke with experts about this secretive and often misunderstood behaviour.

I discovered that, like other addictions, self-harm can be very challenging to stop. For many teens who self-harm, stepping out from the shadows to ask for help requires an enormous amount of courage. During this research stage a fictional story began to form in my mind about two best friends in high school whose relationship is tested when one discovers the other is cutting herself.

I am indebted to the amazingly talented cast and crew who brought this film to life as well as the local businesses who pitched in to provide everything from art supplies to catering.

About Catharine Parke

Catharine Parke

Catharine works as a director and writer on documentary programs and series for a variety of broadcasters including the Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel and CBC television.

On the side, she creates her own award-winning short narratives and docs which have screened at film festivals around the world. Lifelines is her fourth such venture.

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