Lines for Clarinet


Quick stats about the movie

An animated video created to a musical composition written and performed by clarinetist Don Ross. Using a fluid sequence of interacting dots and lines, the video attempts to rise above its minimal graphic form and evoke the emotional feel of the music.

Creative team

Director/producer: John Osborne
Music: Don Ross

Director’s statement

John Osborne says:

“I have always been interested in the relationship between sounds and images and exploring that connection through computer and video techniques.

A number of my abstract animated videos use mathematically-based algorithms. In this case, the Particle Systems module in the Adobe After Effects suite was used. Although technical in nature, my goal is to avoid the mechanical generation of images from sound and instead create a more lyrical visual experience.

This video was made with the Punto y Raya (Dot and Line) Film Festival in mind. This Spanish festival, considered the most abstract in the world, requires that only dots and lines be used with no figurative representation or dialogue. I chose a single white dot as the basic graphic element to approach these criteria in its purest form.”

About John Osborne


John Osborne began experimenting with abstract images and film in the late 1960s and later worked for two years as the operator of a novel hybrid analogue computer used to make some of the first computer animated television commercials in the UK.

In 1975, John returned to Canada and began a 30-year career with a large multinational company working in areas of information technology and environmental research but continued his interest in the visual arts.

In early 2000, he returned to the computer as a creative tool and began experimenting with mathematical algorithms to generate patterns and abstract images. John began to animate these images to music using a variety of tools including Adobe After Effects. Over the last few years, he has shown his films at festivals in North America and Europe.

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