Me2 short film

Quick stats about the movie

A novelist gets herself cloned to spend more time with her family but the fun-loving clone is a better writer and the family prefers the clone.

Creative team

Writer/director: Martine Blue
Producer: Sherry White

Filmmaker’s statement

Me2 is a cautionary tale outlining the repercussions of getting a clone job.

If you are considering purchasing another you, do both you and your family a favour and watch this film first. You may not be as awesome to hang out with as you think!

About Martine Blue

Martine Blue

Martine Blue, who remains cloneless, is nonetheless beside herself that after 11 years of DIY filmmaking, her dreams of shooting her first feature film, Hunting Pignut, have come true. The film is a gritty drama based on her own experience living and travelling with gutter punks. Hunting Pignut was shot in September.

She is also directing and co-producing a short dramatic fantasy film about a parrot/woman hybrid struggling to come to terms with her teenage daughter’s new-found embarrassment of her freakish family.

Martine lives around the Bay in Newfoundland in a saltbox castle with her partner Isaac, a wild bologna doggie and five deadbeat chickens who often go on strike, refusing to lay eggs as an act of civil disobedience.

Martine’s last film, Me2, however has been cloned, translated into several languages, is on the curriculum in several states and provinces, won the audience choice award at the Granite Planet Film Festival and competed for Canada’s Best Clone Film in CBC’s Short Film Face Off.

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