Quick stats about the movie

Clark is your regular low-level employee who hates his job and feels alienated by his co-workers. But more than the job Clark hates Andy, a mime who is inexplicably the best employee at the call centre and beloved by everyone.

When Clark’s frustration reaches its boiling point and is taken out on Andy, the office is changed forever (or at least the afternoon) and left wondering what went wrong.

Creative team

Writer: Tyler Burton Smith
Director: Tracy D. Smith
Producer: Mercedes Colon, Samantha DeGagne

Filmmaker’s statement

Producer Samantha DeGagne says:

Mimespeak is a funny and entertaining short. Not only did the cast and crew make the process a great experience but they also made it so much more than I thought possible.

The script was written by a fellow student in the writing department and made for a manageable, yet challenging, project.

We were lucky to lock local director Tracy D. Smith at the very start and from there she provided us with a vast network of experienced, professional crew and talented actors and actresses.

It wasn’t until I saw Robin (Clark) and Lee (Andy) rehearse together that I knew it was going to be a success. All the logistics came together so seamlessly that all we needed was cast-chemistry and it would be off.”

About Tracy D. Smith


Tracy D. Smith received an MFA in creative writing from UBC in 2002. Since then, she has written and directed over 40 short films and two features. Her shorts have won numerous awards and have been screen at film festivals around the world as well as on television.

Her feature film debut, Taming Tammy, premiered at the 2007 Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and was nominated for the CityTV Western Canada Feature Film Award. Her second feature Everything and Everyone has played at several international film festivals including VIFF and the Seattle International Film Festival.

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