Mine Is Yours

Mine Is Yours

Quick stats about the movie

Two sisters struggle to connect after the loss of their father. A weekend at the cottage brings up unresolved issues and polarizing views on whether or not they should sell the inherited cottage.

Creative team

Writer: Julia Hoff
Director: Sam Coyle
Producers: Charlie Hidalgo, Leigh Bush

Filmmaker’s statement

I was first drawn to this story because of the complex nature of these two sisters. Grief is a difficult thing and everyone deals with it differently.

In this film, the sisters have never been able to relate over the loss of their father, which has caused distance between them. Both have a desire for intimacy and connection but neither knows how to give that to each other. I wanted to capture the intricacies of siblings; the subtleties of what they want and are not able to ask for.

This is an honest story, not scared to explore the dirty bits of a sibling relationship.

About Sam Coyle

Sam Coyle

Sam Coyle is a film director, writer, producer and actress known for choosing edgy projects. Sam continues to develop her vision to create unique stories that reflect strong female perspectives with a focus on challenging the norm and highlighting the weird and amazing of the underrepresented.

Having originally studied as an actress at the HB Studio in New York City, she accesses this actor training through deep exploration with her actors and finding complex human behaviour and relationships in the writing of her scripts.

Sam founded With Wolves Media with her twin brother Nick Coyle. The company is an independent media collective comprised of innovative, local artists borne from a desire to push the typical boundaries of creative content, resulting in truly unique products and experiences.

Sam’s feature, White River, is in development for production in 2019. The script received an honourable mention at the Canadian Film Festival 2016 script contest.

Her first produced feature film The Definites has screened at festivals across the world including Cucalorus Film Fest, Key West Film Fest, Whistler Film Fest and Bahamas International Film Fest.

Sam’s short films have screened at festivals including Toronto International Shorts Festival, BFI Flare London LGBTQ+, Hamilton Film Fest, Reelworld Film Fest, NSI Online Short Film Festival, WWM Fest (LA), FILMI, ZEE Bollywood Mashup, Celluloid Social and Hard Liquor Fest.

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