Mon oncle Antoine (My Uncle Antoine)


Quick stats about the movie

Uncle Antoine only speaks Anishnabe. His niece Délia can’t understand. She knows he has a short time to live so she imagines what he would say before parting.

Creative team

Writer/director: Délia Gunn, Gracy Brazeau
Producer: Wapikoni Mobile

About Délia Gunn

Delia Gunn

Délia was born in Kitcisakik and, since 2007, has participated in Wapikoni Mobile’s involvement in her community.

Her first film, Je cache, is a poem encoded with her heart, her wishes, her fears, as well as forgiveness. The Water Lover dealt with the death of a close friend. In 2010, she directed Setbacks, a short film about her and her sister quitting drinking.

Délia is a cheerful, dynamic, involved and trustworthy girl. She likes art in general, especially pastel drawing.

She has one dream: to see her son Jocelyn grow up in a healthy environment. The birth of Jocelyn was a double source of pride for her: giving birth to a wonderful boy as well as having quit drinking since then.

About Gracy Brazeau

Gracy Brazeau

Gracy was born on August 5, 1995 in Kitcisakik and still lives there.

Gracy is the mother of a one-year-old girl named Annie.

She likes walking around her community and enjoying the outdoors with her friends and family.

Mon oncle Antoine is the first film she has directed.

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