Quick stats about the movie

MOVE depicts the surreal dream life of a young comatose man and how it attempts to guide him to consciousness. Although he seems to be disconnected from life, his interior self echoes colour and symbols of caring from the outer conscious world. Even after he appears to awaken, his imagination presents more ambiguity.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: John Graham

Director’s statement

John Graham says:

MOVE represents a significant shift in the direction of my creative research. MOVE not only mythologizes dream life but also manifests a personal belief that spirituality concerns itself with the quality of worldly relationships.

The film is an expressionistic narrative that was guided by motivations to evoke the poetics of elusive subconscious worlds. It explores a subject that I have never been able to communicate in other media: to artistically portray the kinetic richness of our interior lives, and that these interior visions may powerfully enhance our lives.”

About John Graham


John Graham is an established Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. He has studied and professionally practiced both architecture and visual art. Since graduate school in fine art, he has balanced a busy visual art practice while teaching art in Canada, the USA and Australia.

His artwork has been widely exhibited and collected worldwide. John has found that his surrealist tendencies and kinetic ideas can be more dynamically expressed in short film. MOVE is the second short film that he has written, produced, animated and directed.

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