Moving Slowly


Quick stats about the movie

Following the death of his father, Marke tries to reconcile his attachment and estrangement from the place and people that have framed his memory.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Tyler Hagan

Director’s statement

Tyler Hagan says:

“This film is a very personal project, and one that spent several years percolating before it was anywhere close to being made.

In short, the film is about the loss of my father who died of a stroke in 2006 and how that affected and continues to affect my family. He was 51. I was 19 at the time. My sister was 21 and my brother 16. So, as one would expect, this was a catastrophic event for us. It has changed everything in my life to this day.

However, the film isn’t just about expressing that this happened to me or us. It’s about how a family deals with an event like this. How does it – if at all – hold itself together? How do we relate to each other now? It’s about how an incredible loss like this makes you feel hopeless at times and [the desire to] want to shut off from everything. And that’s where Marke is in this film. He’s separated himself from anything that could hurt him while at the same time growing increasingly nostalgic about what was.

With cinematography by Ryan Flowers and Lisa Pham as camera operator, the film explores this self-alienated space, not with the simple goal of ‘getting out’ of it or overcoming a negative feeling, but instead we hopefully reveal something unique and gain a little self-awareness.

Thank you for watching.

In Memoriam R.C.H.”

About Tyler Hagan


Tyler Hagan is a filmmaker from Vancouver, BC.

He received his BFA in film from Simon Fraser University’s School For the Contemporary Arts.

His work, ranging from documentary to fiction to music videos and experimental film, has shown domestically and internationally at film festivals and online with CBC and the National Screen Institute.

He is currently in production on the online interactive work, In The Similmkameen, which was commissioned as part of the NFB/imagineNATIVE Digital Media Partnership.

He produced and was director of photography for short film No Words Came Down which was an official selection at TIFF (2011) and TIFF’s Top Ten 2011, and won the narrative prize for the Canadian Student Film Festival and Whistler International Film Festival’s best student short work.

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