My Coffee With Jim


Quick stats about the movie

My Coffee With Jim follows the tumultuous first date of Jim – an aspiring filmmaker in his twenties – and Jan – a women’s studies major of a similar age – who find themselves trapped in a debate about the controversial Woody Allen.

Creative team

Writer: Chris Gilmore
Director/producer: Taras Lavren

Filmmaker’s statement

The importance of a short film’s success often lies in its simplicity. There is a very brief amount of time to introduce characters, tell the arc of a story and still leave the audience feeling rewarded.

So when My Coffee With Jim came to me, I knew this was the perfect vehicle for a short film: it was witty, smart and sprinkled with a bit of controversy.

The minimalist approach and limited locations allowed me to focus the budget and efforts on beautiful cinematography, and to play the story in a unique way through a series of POV (point of view) angles (seldom seen being used throughout the entire film).

Just like the subject matter, I wanted to shoot the film in a slightly unconventional style and allow the audience to be fully immersed in the conversation at hand.

About Taras Lavren

Taras Lavren

Taras Lavren is an emerging director, actor and producer based out of Toronto.

Studying film and television acting at Humber College – and Centennial College where he holds a post-graduate degree in film and television business – has allowed him a wide range of experience to produce and seek out work that is unique and innovative.

He is currently represented by Sandra Gillis at Premier Artists.

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