No Breath Play

No Breath Play short film

Quick stats about the movie

Having felt housebound and insecure her entire life, Jessie is finally breaking out of her shell with help from Tim, a man she met online.

However, a miscommunication between the two leaves Jessie trapped inside her house alone and without the use of her arms.

Creative team

Writer/director: Stacey Ashworth
Producers: Kelly Conlin, Stacey Ashworth

Filmmaker’s statement

As a screenwriter I was reluctant to direct my own script, but my friend and the film’s executive producer, Daniel Hogg, encouraged me to set a film schedule and to stick to it, and voila: No Breath Play was made, a result of the work of Vancouver Island’s awesome indie filmmaking community, including my extremely resourceful producer, Kelly Conlin. The gratitude I have for the film and for the subsequent experiences is an understatement.

The short itself explores the self-acceptance of my lead in the wake of her recent double lung transplant. Not only did I want to make a film that revolves around the untapped well of people with diseases such as cystic fibrosis who struggle with their identity, but I also wanted to open people’s eyes to the love and safety that exists in the world of BDSM (despite my lead’s predicament). Julia Dillon-Davis as Jessie really nails that character’s dance between innocence and anger.

As for style, I enjoy films that genre-bend through sound and music so working with David Parfit to create No Breath Play’s creeping-crawling soundtrack was a joy. His composition paired with the beautiful camera work of Scott Amos really transforms the film into what it is.

About Stacey Ashworth

Stacey Ashworth

Stacey Ashworth is a Canadian screenwriter and director currently living in BC.

By 2012 she completed both her BFA in creative writing at the University of Victoria and her MFA in screenwriting at the University of Texas at Austin.

Her work has won awards and has made the top 12% of the Nicholl Fellowship both in 2011 and 2013.

Stacey has had her work optioned in Los Angeles as well as Victoria where she’s currently entering into the festival circuit her second short film, Cold Camping, starring Erin Keller and Randall Carnell.

Her first short film, No Breath Play, which she wrote, directed and produced, premiered at the Portland Film Festival in 2015 and won the Metropol Audience Award for be short at the 2016 Victoria Film Festival.

She wrote the short film Beautiful, Radiant Things, which premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), and also aided rewrites on the student Academy Award-nominated short, The Midwife’s Husband.

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