Quick stats about the movie

A city councillor proposes a ‘friendlier’ stop sign in this comic news spoof.

Creative team

Writer/producer: Michael McMurtry
Director: Chris Deacon

Director’s statement

Chris Deacon says:

OK TV was conceived as a showcase for Michael McMurtry and several of the characters he’s created over the years. He wrote the script in a few days and we shot on the fly over the course of a very long day, calling in favours from many generous people.

In an impressive display of chameleon-like gymnastics, Michael underwent six full hair, makeup and costume changes throughout the day; unabashedly stripping down behind trees, parked cars and in university corridors while we raced from location to location. Next time we’ll budget for an A.D.!”

About Chris Deacon


Chris Deacon is a writer/director specializing in comedy. Her short films have been broadcast internationally and have received numerous awards at film festivals worldwide, including a Genie for her short film Moving Day.

She has directed several episodes of television, including Degrassi TNG, Radio Free Roscoe, Darcy’s Wildlife, and The Jane Show. She lives in Toronto.

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