The Path

The Path short film

Quick stats about the movie

When people stop dying from cigarettes, a marketing prodigy rebrands the nicotine patch to become the new death drug.

Creative team

Writer/director: Emily Jenkins
Producer: Katie Bishop

Filmmaker’s statement

The Path was more or less borne out of my infatuation with bad guys in movies.

I’m talking about the type of character you either love or love to hate. They’re immoral yet charismatic, dangerous but full of life and energy and – most importantly – they are unforgettable.

Zeus is a tribute to all the bad guys in movies that make you look at life a little differently.

With The Path, I hope that Zeus’ infatuation with destructive consumption will open up a conversation about the role it plays in our own lives.

But a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, so we sprinkled this film with dynamic visuals, a little flair and what I hope is a wickedly entertaining protagonist to prompt us all to reexamine our own choices in the cycle of consumerism.”

About Emily Jenkins

Emily Jenkins is a recent graduate of Ryerson University’s RTA school of media arts program.

She has experience in both the creative development and business facets of Canadian film and television.

Emily has freelance video production experience working as a writer, director and producer for short films, music videos, web content and promotional videos.

As a writer/director, Emily has developed creative treatments in conjunction with client feedback and has worked to shape the aesthetic and tone of both animation and live action content.

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