Quick stats about the movie

Two mismatched strangers share a glance during the morning rush hour.

The stare holds something familiar, an innocent romance from the past. As the memory fades, the two very different lives must carry on.

Creative team

Writer/director: Marcus Matyas
Producer: Mark Wilson

Director’s statement

Marcus Matyas says:

“I am dedicated to my craft and ideals as a filmmaker and am always seeking to collaborate with other creative artists. The film Pinwheel was inspired by the idea that life is a series of spontaneous moments seamlessly stitched together.

Although we all pace through a daily routine, every minute of every hour offers something completely different from the previous.”

About Marcus Matyas


Marcus Matyas has spent more than a decade working as an entrepreneur and independent filmmaker. His hands-on experience in business along with a passion for visual storytelling fueled his desire to become a working filmmaker.

Born and raised in London, Ontario, Marcus moved to Toronto in 2006 to attend a post-graduate film program at Sheridan College. Since making his transition into the world of film and television, Marcus has been a creator, producer and collaborator on a diverse selection of original and imaginative projects including dramatic films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.

Marcus is currently working with the National Film Board of Canada as a member of the Ontario studio team and has contributed in the production of several award-winning documentaries, two 3D films, including two international Emmy award winners. He is also a partner/producer at Raging Indifference Productions, a Toronto-based production company.

In 2012 he co-created and produced two lifestyle television programs: an English auto racing series for Sportsnet and a French series which will broadcast early 2013 on TVA sports in Quebec. 2013 will also see the official release of Three Shades of Black, a super16 feature horror film he wrote and co-produced.

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