Pute No. 2 (Bitch No. 2)

Pute No. 2

Quick stats about the movie

Victoria, a hopeful young actress, prepares meticulously for the hearing of an unnamed character: bitch number two.

The casting director will shake up all her expectations.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Juliettte Gosselin

About Juliette Gosselin

Juliette Gosselin

Born on June 15, 1991 in Québec, Juliette Gosselin made the leap from TV commercials to big screen acting, earning a best supporting actress Genie nomination for her role in Battle of the Brave aka Nouvelle-France (2004).

This tale of Marie-Loup Carignan (Noémie Godin-Vigneau), a peasant woman whose star-crossed romance with a man of property, Francois le Gardeur (David La Haye), is set against the epic backdrop of England and France fighting for control of Canada. The film featured Juliette as Carignan’s young daughter who witnesses and survives all the devastation and betrayal.

After landing a starring role in the green-screened video game Myst IV: Revelation and winning the World Hip Hop Dance Championships as part of the dance team Groove, Gosselin continued her film ascent with turns in Familia (2005), Histoire de famille (2006) and Délivrez-moi (2006).

International audiences took note of her in a small role in the grueling, controversial French-Canadian horror film Martyrs (2008) where she played the daughter of a seemingly innocent family targeted for death by the survivor (Mylène Jampanoï) of horrific torture.

Growing up gracefully both onscreen and off, Juliette booked a guest spot on the sitcom The Foundation (Showcase, 2009) and roles in the short Faits divers (2010) and the film La vérité (The Truth) (2011).

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