Raven Goes Fishing

Raven Goes Fishing

Quick stats about the movie

Raven has adventures and encounters new friends as he fishes in the ocean, on the sea shore and in forest streams.

Creative team

Writer/director: Daniel Foreman
Producer: Sharlene Millang

Filmmaker’s statement

I have been researching and spending time with elders to learn more about my heritage and the culture and history of other Canadian First Nations peoples. I am using these animations to share what I’ve learned in an educational and entertaining format.

Raven, a central character in First Nations folklore, is a fun and mischievous character who has been delightful to work with in this series of stories.

About Daniel Foreman

Daniel Foreman

Daniel Foreman is a Métis filmmaker from Canada. For the past 10 years, he has focused his energy and creative talents on creating short films.

Daniel’s interest in filmmaking took root when he created music videos for some emerging local bands. In 2006, he took his first film class and created The Christmas Wreath, a black and white short drama on 16mm.

His first animation, completed in 2016, is Raven Steals the Light, a highly successful, award-winning 10-minute short film. Raven Steals the Light is the pilot episode for web series Legendary Myths: Raven Adventures, a full season of episodes inspired by stories told by the indigenous people from the Pacific Northwest Coast.

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