Quick stats about the movie

One dark night on the road to adulthood, a teenage boy must choose between his friends and his future.

Creative team

Writer/director: Michael Milardo
Producer: Jesse Savath

Filmmaker’s statement

I wrote Roam with the intention of telling a simple and timeless coming-of-age story. It’s about the moment you realize your friends might not be who you thought they were, and the only person who can change the direction of your life is you.

Underneath that Roam is also a story about the power of technology and the hold it has on us, how it’s engineered to make us hopeful for a better future – a future which may or may not be coming.

About Michael Milardo

Michael Milardo

Michael Milardo is a Vancouver-based creative director, writer, filmmaker and producer.

After 15 years working as a creative in advertising, he recently left to pursue a full-time career in film. He and his creative partner Leah Nelson run a roster-based production company called Kiddo Films.

Roam is his first narrative film.

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