Rock Paper Scissors


Quick stats about the movie

In the orange groves of Florida comedy is blossoming as three nine-year-olds embark on a quest for beer and cigarettes to trade for “sex” with some older girls.

This draws them out of the safety of childhood and into the confusing world of lipstick, booze and belly buttons.

Creative team

Writer/director: Jamie Cussen
Producer: William Beauchamp

Director’s statement

Jamie Cussen says:

Rock Paper Scissors asks its viewer to return to childhood; to the innocent time in life where one might believe that sex is rubbing bellies. I think that now, as adults, it is funny to look back at our misconceptions about sexuality.

But for the children in the film these misconceptions are reality – the fear, awkwardness and humiliation they feel is real. Rock Paper Scissors is a comedy for adults, about children that do not understand sex.

By going on the emotional journey with the characters of Penny and Tiny, the audience is allowed back to a time when holding someone’s hand was a significant gesture – a gesture of innocent affection with the power to impart the safety that comes from knowing you are cared about.

In this way the funny story about children bumbling their way towards adolescence allows us to remember something important that we may have forgotten.”

About Jamie Cussen

Jamie Cussen

Jamie is a Canadian director and graduate of York University’s Film Production program.

His film Rock Paper Scissors premiered at the Atlantic Film Festival in Florida and traveled the globe to screen in Austin, Halifax, Beijing, Bucharest and Toronto. Its accolades include Best Short Film at the Canadian Film Festival.

His most recent short film The Balcony Affair was made with the assistance of the Bravo!FACT foundation. It premiered at the 2011 Locarno International Film Festival and has continued its festival run with screenings in Vancouver and Lithuania.

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