Room 303


Quick stats about the movie

After spending a night punching the inside of the locker he was trapped in, a bullied teenager finally decides it’s time he takes revenge. He heads to the bully’s apartment ready to execute his methodical plan.

Creative team

Writer/director/producer: Manny Mahal

Director’s statement

Manny Mahal says:

“The idea of the film came to me at a time where there was a lot of bullying issues hitting the mainstream media, especially bullying over sexual orientation.

A large number of suicides were happening in high schools across North America and I began to wonder what it was like in the minds of the tortured teens. Was suicide really the only choice left? Was there nothing else that could be done? It was then I began to ponder if any of the teenagers every considered revenge first, or possibly both.

I immediately scribbled down pages and pages of script and after attending film school I had learned that to make this film a reality I needed a crew and money. I began saving up, asked for favours to get a crew together from the young people I met at school. I even had to plead with a local college to use their locker room.

The other segments of the film were shot in my own bedroom as well as my aunt’s home.

The film is a truly collaborative process and couldn’t have been made if it wasn’t for the amazing work that my crew was able to do, and so I thank them very much.”

About Manny Mahal


Manny is a young filmmaker and recent graduate of Capilano School of Motion Picture Arts living in Vancouver, BC.

Like any young Canadian, he grew up playing hockey and it was on the long trips to hockey tournaments that Manny turned to watching movies to pass the time. After minor hockey ended Manny decided to attend film school and passionately pursue a career as a writer/director/producer. This is his first film.

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